Thank you for your interest in joining the U.S. Roundtable for Sustainable Beef!

The USRSB Administrator, who shall review the application for completeness, will submit your application to the Membership Working Group for review and follow up. Upon receipt, applications will be reviewed in accordance with the guiding principles and guidelines for membership acceptance. Applications that meet the necessary requirements will then be sent to the Board of Directors for further evaluation and consideration along with any accompanying recommendations made by the Membership Working Group. Please note that while the USRSB will make every attempt to review and respond to each member application within 30 calendar days of submission, the USRSB makes no commitment regarding the amount of time needed to review an application. The Board of Directors will vote to accept or reject an applicant organization based upon the organization’s commitment to sustainable beef and validity of stakeholder interest. Subsequently, prospective members will receive notification from the USRSB Administrator regarding the determination of their application. Correspondingly, accepted members will receive an USRSB Membership Letter of Agreement confirming their commitment as well as a dues invoice to process their membership. For questions or additional information, please contact the USRSB Administrator.