Danette Amstein

Co-founder, Midan Marketing

Danette Amstein is co-founder of Midan Marketing, the first strategic marketing, research and creative agency that focuses solely on being champions for the value of meat.    Since starting the agency with Michael Uetz in 2004, Midan has existed to make a difference in the meat industry, from production all the way through to the consumer. As a managing principal, Danette provides strategic guidance to clients and stays closely in tune with meat consumers to better market to them. She deftly manages creative, consumer research, videography and web design teams dedicated to helping meat industry clients ensure meat is consumers’ protein of choice.    A Kansas farm girl, Danette is heavily involved in the management of her family’s commercial cow herd, family feedlot, and row crop operation and drives a combine for the annual wheat harvest. Before founding Midan, she worked with the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and state beef organizations. Danette has built a career dedicated to ensuring a prosperous future for all stakeholders in the meat industry.

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