Ira T. Wines

President, Ellison Ranching Company

Ira is a fifth generation Nevada rancher whose ancestors settled in the state in 1860. He went to school on a livestock judging scholarship and rode broncs on the rodeo team as well. After thirteen years in the PRCA he hung up his bronc saddle for a Bill Maupin Special and became the Buckaroo Boss at The Spanish Ranch in Tuscarora, Nevada. Growing up in Nevada, Ira has always been familiar with the country but after years of taking the wagon out every summer and camping on the dessert there is not a piece of Spanish Ranch property he has not seen, a weather pattern he has not experienced or a cattle situation he has not had to deal with. Because of this experience he was an obvious fit for Assistant Ranch Manager, a position he held before being asked by Ellison Ranching Company to manage the entire ranching operation, three ranches, eight bands of sheep, a farm and three feedlots. After successfully taking on this challenge for several years, he was asked by the board of directors to become President of Ellison Ranching Company. The first time in the 100+ year history of the company that a non-family member, non-shareholder has held the position. 

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