Patrick Keyser, PhD

Professor and Director for the Center for Native Grasslands, University of Tennessee

Dr. Pat Keyser is a Professor and Director for the Center for Native Grasslands at the University of Tennessee.  In that role, Dr. Keyser leads comprehensive research and outreach programs focused on a broad range of issues pertinent to native grasslands.  This includes work on forage production systems for livestock, the integration of forage and biomass production, answering specific management questions for native grasses, restoration of natural grassland communities, and wildlife responses to native grasslands management. Since coming to UT 17 years ago, he has authored or co-authored more than 70 grants worth nearly $42 million in support of his research and outreach activities, all leading to over 425 publications including two books and more than 90 articles in scientific journals.  He has directed or co-directed 18 and mentored an additional 36 graduate students and 5 post-doctoral associates. He has made more than 550 presentations to a wide variety of audiences including students, scientists, and producers. He and his wife of 41 years live in East Tennessee and have four grown children and 6 (really good-looking!) grandkids.

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