About Leadership

The USRSB is comprised of the following five constituencies: producers, allied industry, packers/processing, retail/foodservice and civil society.

The board of directors, made up of equal board seats from representation of each constituency, directs the activities of the USRSB. The board of directors guides the work of the USRSB through working groups, committees and task forces. It is through these working groups that the USRSB’s work is accomplished.

These working groups examine issues and seek solutions to advance, support and communicate continuous improvement in beef sustainability.

To learn more about the efforts of the working groups or if you are interested in signing up as a volunteer, please contact the USRSB administrator for additional details on how to become more engaged.

Board of Directors

Debbie Lyons-Blythe (CHAIR)

Kansas Livestock Association


Partnership of Rangeland Trusts


Colorado Cattlemen's Association

Producer sector:
Mike Williams

California Cattlemen's Association

Tom McDonald

Texas Cattle Feeders Association

GENE Lollis

Florida Cattlemen's Association

Allied Industry sector:

Food Safety Net Services

Jessica finck

Merck Animal Health

Sara Place

Elanco Animal Health

Matthew cleveland


Packer/Processor sector:
wayne morgan (past-chair)

Golden State Foods

nikki richardson


Paula alexander

Tyson Foods



Retail/Food Service sector:
Kendra levine

McDonald's Corporation

Caitlin Colegrove

Target Corporation

kevin sims

McDonald's Corporation

Bethany Fitzgerald

Target Corporation

Civil Society sector:
Nancy Labbe

The Nature Conservancy

Kristie Maczko

Sustainable Rangelands Roundtable

Rob Manes

The Nature Conservancy

Scott Anderson (Secretary/Treasurer)

CRI Feeders of Guymon


Samantha Werth, PhD

Executive Director

[email protected]

Rebecca Bolton

Associate Director

[email protected]

Megan Farley

Communications Director

[email protected]

Grace Vehige

Associate Director of Communications

[email protected]


Outreach Working Group

Co-Chairs: Josh White (National Cattlemen's Beef Association), Chad Ellis (Partnership of Rangeland Trusts) and Myriah Johnson (BrdgAI)

Scope of Work: To increase awareness, uptake and implementation of the U.S. Beef Industry Sustainability Framework across all sectors of the beef value chain by encouraging the incorporation of USRSB indicators, metrics and sustainability assessment guide material into existing programs. Develop self-assessment tools, education and outreach programs, resources or initiatives, where needed, to support uptake of the Framework.

Communications Working Group

Co-Chairs: Jennie Hodgen (Merck Animal Health) and Nicole Erceg (Certified Angus Beef)

Scope of Work: Assist with the execution and implementation of the communications plan to advance the mission and vision of USRSB, including oversight of the annual report and strategically identifying and utilizing events to deliver key messages.

Goals Committee

Co-Chairs: Sara Place (Elanco Animal Health) and Steve Wooten (Colorado Cattlemen's Association)

Scope of Work: Engage with life cycle assessment scientists, industry experts, academia, allied industry, civil society and external advisors to (1) develop U.S. beef value chain goals for each of the high priority sustainability indicators; (2) collaborate with producers, packers, processors, retailers and food service representatives to establish sector-specific targets for metrics that contribute to the value chain goals for each indicator; and (3) establish the methodology for tracking progress against all goals.

Recognition Program Committee

Co-Chairs: Michelle Calvo-Lorenzo (Elanco Animal Health) and Rob Manes (The Nature Conservancy)

Scope of Work: While it is not within the scope of USRSB to provide certification or verification for adoption of the U.S. Beef Industry Sustainability Framework, the Recognition Program Committee will establish and oversee a process to evaluate existing and/or new supply-chain programs that include or intend to include parameters that align with the Framework.

Project and Resource Review Committee

Co-Chairs: Clayton Huseman (Kansas Livestock Association) and William Burnidge (The Nature Conservancy)

Scope of Work: Review and support external projects, field trials, pilot projects, research projects and resources that align with the USRSB vision and mission, including oversight of approved projects, progress reports and results.

General Assembly Planning Task Force

Co-Chairs: Jessica Finck (Merck Animal Health) and Shannon Wharton (Wharton 3C Cattle)

Scope of Work: Assist in guiding the planning and execution of the annual General Assembly meeting, including site selection for the meeting, theme, sponsorship opportunities, promotional material, tour stops, keynote addresses, speakers and panels, as well as other meeting logistics.

Feed Sustainability Task Force

Co-Chairs: Constance Culman (American Feed Industry Association) and Damon Palmer (Corteva Agrisciences)

Scope of Work: Increase collaboration to identify areas of engagement around sustainable feed production as well as explore potential feed pilot projects.