Thank you for your interest in the USRSB Recognition Program. Below is an online application. Prior to filling out the application, USRSB suggests contacting the Administrator to fully understand the program and how best to fill out the application. The application requests documentation to support your application. The "Suggested Documentation" section is provided to aid you in understanding what type of information USRSB is seeking. The Qualitative Information is requested simply to further understand the program, and is not intended to be part of the factors to be evaluated. Please contact the Administrator with any questions or to receive the application in pdf form.


Overall, for all sections below, please provide the following types of documentation (and provide location references in descriptions below) to support an effective evaluation:

  • Documentation describing program criteria and/or indicators and/or requirements.
  • Documentation describing overview of program, objectives, and/or guidelines (if applicable).
  • Documentation that serves as educational resources supporting implementation of the program.
  • Other documentation relevant to the program, supporting a comprehensive understanding of it.