sector sustainability modules

These sustainability modules contain a series for each of the sectors of the supply chain. Participate in them to identify key areas of opportunity for improvement at your operation. 

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ESAP 2020

Grazing Management Plan Development module

As cattle producers, you know your land, herd and natural resources better than anyone else. Use this module below to see how you can continue to excel in your operations.

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Download the Grazing Management Plan template

High-Priority InDicator & Sector target modules

The USRSB set High-Priority Indicator Goals and Sector Targets around six key indicators of sustainability. This module series explores areas of success and opportunity for improvement for each sector of the beef supply chain around each indicator.

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For those applying to the Rancher Resilience Grant, please click on the link above to complete the modules. Note that you must either create a login or fill in your contact information for each module to be eligible.


View the collection of external sources to support the material of the online training. Templates are available for in-the-moment application and active links will allow you to visit websites instantly, expanding your knowledge of each topic.


Self-Assessment Tool

Assess and measure your business/operation against the U.S. Beef Industry Sustainability Framework to find opportunities for continuous improvement.


The self-assessment tool does not retain any information apart from tracking the number of times the tool has been completed. If you wish to keep your results you must download a copy of the report and save and/or print it for your records. The tool asks for name and business name in the event that the user has multiple facilities or operations under their control and need to export data with identifying information.

U.S. Beef Sustainability Passport

Discover the timeline and works of the USRSB since its founding in 2015. The passport includes an overview of the guiding documents, programs and resources of USRSB.

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